Michael Harvey

"Very Professional. Very pleased with the advertising and communication by the team at Williams."

Vendor 5/46 Kororoit Creek Rd, ratemyage, 24 May 2017

"Michael shone above the other group of agents I interviewed from the area. With loads of experience as an Agent and Auctioneer, Michael and the Williams team offered a great deal of care and detail during the advertisement preparation, as well as throughout the advertising campaign. With over 50 groups visiting my property over the 4 week campaign, the whole advertising process was very smooth and effective. With great agents supporting Michael at Williams, each open was booked over a week in advance, and was run very smoothly and professionally. With a solid group of potential buyers drawn to the auction day, Michael delivered a clear and concise Auction that quickly turned into a fantastic result. I highly recommend Michael as a first point of call when on the market to buy or sell."

Vendor Andy - 1/256 Mason St, ratemyagen, 15 Mar 2017

"Michael was an absolute pleasure to work with, he is really easy going and is open and honest to talk to! Would recommend him to all my family, friends and will definitely be using him again next time we sell."

Vendor Suzanne - 5 Jeffrey Av, ratemyage, 14 Mar 2017

"Michael Harvey was easy to talk with and listened to you. Michael provided excellent advice on how to prepare the property and was very understanding in our circumstances as to why we were selling the property. He kept in touch from the day we met, and kept us updated from the time our property was placed on the market. Michael achieved an excellent result for us. All we can say is thank you very much Michael and we will recommend you highly."

Vendor Christine - 2 Jubilee St, ratemya, 11 Nov 2016

"I have been fortunate enough to both buy and sell my properties with Michael Harvey, and in both cases the treatment I received was nothing short of outstanding. When buying my new home there were clearly many questions that needed answering, Michael's answers were always accurate and he was very detailed and knowledgable with each of his responses which made me feel very comfortable throughout the entire buying process. I felt Michael had clearly done all of his research and studied the homes he was selling before going to market with them. Being in the real estate industry myself, I did the right thing and shopped all of the agents in Williamstown and I can comfortably say no other agent even came close as the treatment received by Michael and his entire team was second to none. Moving forward I know who I'll be using to sell my homes!"

Vendor Mile - 2 Heriot Pl, ratemyagent, 08 Nov 2016

Katie Smith

"Great agent to have on your side, absolute shark."

Buyer Goran - 8 Pearson St, ratemyagent., 15 Jun 2017

"Katie did a fabulous job in assisting us with the purchase of our first home. She was quick to inform us when properties that suited our requirements came onto the market and she was always helpful and responsive."

Buyer Katie - 14 Rennie Street, ratemyag, 31 May 2017

"Katie Smith provided my husband and I exceptional service in the selling of our current home and the purchase of our new home. Her attention to detail and professional approach instilled great confidence throughout the entire process. Katie's knowledge of the market is evident in the advice and overwhelmingly positive results we achieved together. I would not hesitate to recommend Katie and the team at Williams Real Estate for the sale or purchase of your next home."

Vendor Simon - 3 Fourth Ave, ratemyagent, 25 May 2017

"During April 2017 my wife Antoinette and I decided to sell our family home at 4 Walter Street Williamstown. We had previously retained Williams Real Estate to assist us sell another Williamstown property in 2009. On both occasions Katie Smith has been the principle real estate agent engaged for the sale of our properties. We cannot express our gratitude enough to Katie Smith and her able assistant Gemma Armstrong for their positive efforts. The sale of both properties exceeded our expectations, not just in price but also in outstanding customer service. At all times we felt confident that our properties were being managed in a profession and effective manner by Katie Smith and her team. We recommend both Katie Smith & Gemma Armstrong to any potential buyer or seller who requires professional real estate services. Thanks again and kind regards, Jeremy & Antoinette"

Vendors - 4 Walter St, 25 May 2017

"Katie Smith and her team at Williams were a pleasure to deal with. They were very professional from the beginning to the end, great feedback, great advice on the selling process and very helpful for the whole process. I would highly recommend them to any prospective seller."

Vendor Eugene - 2/47 Power St, ratemyage, 23 May 2017

"Katie and team were so easy to work with, my husband and I fully appreciated the extra effort that they made to help us sell our property. We were fully Informed about the sale of our house at every moment, we found that we were so relaxed and confident about the final result."

Vendor Ros - 8 Den Dulk Av, ratemyagent, 26 Apr 2017

"I would be very happy to recommend Katie to anyone I know who is thinking of selling in the future, I found her incredibly professional and went above and beyond in getting my property ready to be sold."

Vendor Lisa - 121 North Rd, ratemyagent, 27 Mar 2017

"We would definitely recommend Katie to anyone looking to sell there house. She was a delight to work with."

Vendor Rebecca - 44 Challis St, ratemyag, 14 Mar 2017

Lauren Wood

"Lauren was prompt with our requests for information we required as part of our recent house purchase through Williams Real Estate. She easily answered questions relating to the property and it was obvious she had a good handle of the sale and rapport with the previous owner. Thank you Lauren in helping us acquire our first home and we would definitely recommend you to other purchasers in the Altona area. Thank you."

Buyer 1/20 Mulga St, ratemyagent.com.au, 19 Jul 2017

"We felt fully informed about interest in our property. Lauren phoned or texted after every open and gave us realistic expectations of the potential buyers' actions on auction day. Her skills at the auction got us the best price on the day."

Vendor Clare, 2A Gordon St - ratemyagent, 03 Jul 2017

"Lauren's friendly manner, positive attitude and genuine love of her job was a breath of fresh air in our hunt for a house. We were very pleased to have bought our house through her and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to others."

Buyer Hannah - 40 Florence St, ratemyage, 23 May 2017

"I chose Lauren as my agent because she was confident, sincere, warm and always did what I felt was in my best interests. Nothing was ever too much trouble and I would happily recommend her to anyone."

Vendor Maria - 40 Florence St, ratemyage, 16 May 2017

"A very emotional sale for me and Lauren was very respectful, kind and patient. She guided me through the process and made it all very easy. She has great knowledge of the market in the local area and brought in a lot of potential buyers which resulted in a very quick sale and a smooth easy settlement. Thank you Lauren for achieving a sale price well above what I was expecting."

Vendor Rebecca - 12/53 Morris St, ratemy, 01 May 2017

"Lauren Wood provided exemplary client service. Lauren always made me feel part of the discussion, decision making and her local and broader professional knowledge was impressive. Lauren demonstrated a level of skill and an aptitude for responding to my individual needs that showed a willingness and a commitment to working in a partnership."

Vendor Kate - 12 Durkin St, ratemyagent, 19 Apr 2017

"In the purchase of a flat, Lauren proved to be accessible, prompt and helpful. She was professional in all aspects of our dealings."

Buyer Carmela - 8/46 Kororoit Creek Rd, , 16 Mar 2017

"Lauren was a pleasure to deal with. She was easy going and down to earth, very professional and had the ability to have a good laugh or two which I must say is comforting when purchasing a first home (made the nerves seem somewhat less apparent) especially after coming across other agents who had quite a different demeanour. Lauren's knowledge of the property and ability to communicate and transparency is to be commended. We were kept up-to-date throughout the process and any questions or queries which we had were answered in a prompt and timely manner. I would not hesitate to recommend Lauren and the service in which she provides."

Buyer Sophie - 54 Seves St, ratemyagent, 11 Mar 2017

"The service Lauren provided was great. She was in constant communication with me, and gave timely advice throughout the advertising period. She has a very professional and friendly nature which makes the experience for both buyers and sellers a positive one. Thanks Lauren and the Williams team!"

Vendor Sharon - 69 Oxford St, ratemyagen, 25 Feb 2017

"We have known Lauren for almost 5 years. She has been wonderful to work with in buying and selling our house. The way she communicates with all parties is very comforting. What she says, she delivers. We would highly recommend Lauren."

Vendor Kelly - 26A Macquarie St, ratemya, 25 Feb 2017

Sam Wilson

"Having previously met Sam at a few open for inspections in our area, the decision to go with Williams for the sale of our home was pretty easy. With great attention to detail and a friendly welcoming manner, Sam did not disappoint. She and the team at Williams Real Estate achieved a great sale result for our property."

Vendor 8A Mahon Ave, ratemyagent.com.au, 14 Jul 2017

"It is a pleasure to write a review for our beautiful agent Sam Wilson; beautiful because she has built a personal relationship with us from the first day, and beautiful because she is very generous, looking carefully after us and our house during the full procedure (prior to and during the marketing campaign). Sam is so well organised, she never forgets anything, sending us little reminders when needed and keeping us updated very regularly about the market and potential buyers. Sam understood our goals very quickly and came up with a clever commission scheme that suited all of us. She also did an amazing job at managing the offer we got prior to auction, explaining to us very clearly the risks of the various options that we got, and we followed her advice to accept it and organise a pre-auction bidding process with all interested buyers (only one day to set it all up and Sam was amazing throughout this procedure). As a result, we exceeded our goals and reached an amazing outcome. We are so proud of Sam and the way she handled everything, very smoothly and efficiently! The best agent!"

Vendor 47 Pasco St, ratemyagent.com.au, 11 Jul 2017

"The list of criteria given above accurately describes the decisive knowledge and skills that an excellent real estate agent must have. A fifth one would perhaps be personality / integrity. Sam excels in all of them and - at the same time - matches none of the stereotypes that so many of us dislike in real estate agents. Working with her was a fantastic experience, to be repeated anytime."

Vendor 47 Pasco St, ratemyagent.com.au, 06 Jul 2017

"We cannot speak highly enough of Sam. Apart from being a lovely person she is also a fantastic Agent. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with her. She is highly motivated, extremely communicative and approachable and has a vast knowledge of the housing market within our area. As our Agent of choice, she was responsive to our needs and transparent with her communication. Sam is extremely personable and intuitive to her sellers and buyers needs. She worked tirelessly on our behalf, making the process as smooth and pain-free as possible and achieved a fantastic result for us on Auction day."

Vendor 112 Johnston St, ratemyagent.com., 26 Jun 2017

"I could not have had anyone better then you. Your support and patience with me was gold. Your calls and updates all the time kept me in the loop and feeling good about it all. You were an amazing person to work with and I knew that from the very start I had the right person beside me to sell my home. Thank you so much for everything and I would use you again and again! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Sam."

Vendor 74 Alma Trc, ratemyagent.com.au, 17 Jun 2017

"Sam was a pleasure to work with. Sam provided good advice, prompt feedback after open days and when it came down to it, negotiated a price we were happy to accept. Sam also made great recommendations on sourcing a painter and stylist for sprucing up the house before sale. Highly Recommended!"

Vendor 60 Merrett Drive, ratemyagent.com, 24 May 2017

"We would highly recommend Michael and Sam to future vendors. They were extremely professional in their dealings with us, and potential buyers, and kept us up-to-date with responses to our open houses and negotiations. They provided honest feedback and managed our expectations very well. Thanks to both of you for such a great result!"

Vendor 1/53 Kyle Rd, ratemyage, 14 Mar 2017

"We selected Sam as our agent because of the service she provided us as a buyer when we were looking to purchase a house. We went to one open for inspection for a property Sam was selling (that was not suitable for us) and Sam kept in regular contact with us for the next 12+ months! I consider myself to be a difficult customer and I am completely happy with the service and results provided by Sam for the following reasons: Developed a "Happiness Commission Scale" based on the price we wanted for our house. Managed communications with our solicitor. Provided us with updates after every open for inspection. Followed up on everything we requested. I NEVER had to follow up on anything. Provided us with an update every Tuesday afternoon after calling everyone that came through the house during the weekend opens. Called back every time and replied to every email we sent her, which in some cases was heaps! We always felt like we were in control, with Sam providing recommendations and guidance to help us make the right decisions. Helped us with tradespeople and stylist to prepare the house for sale and provided them with access to the house while we were on holidays. Kept us calm and focused when we got ourselves worked up and stressed. Was respectful in our home and was considered part of our family during the process. Thank you Sam!"

Vendor 6 Abbott St, ratemyagen, 01 Mar 2017

"I'd like to take this opportunity to say what a wonderful experience it is to work with Sam. I have sold two properties with Sam, and both times received higher than expected prices. Sam is professional, always delightful to deal with, and accommodating to potential buyers and myself at all times. She projects professionalism and confidence in her assessments and advice and I have complete faith in her judgement. Selling can be a stressful and heart wrenching process but Sam kept me up-to-date, responded promptly to all calls and texts, and always in her highly personable way! She is also backed up by a very professional team and auctioneers! Next time I have a property to sell, she will be the first person I contact. I would highly recommend her to others too! Thanks Sam!!"

Vendor Techno Park Dr, ratemyagen, 18 Feb 2017

"We are incredibly happy with having chosen Sam Wilson to be our real estate agent and highly recommend her. We had come across Sam at multiple home opens we attended when we were looking to purchase our next family home. We were struck by her friendly yet professional manner and were impressed by her presentation and knowledge of the market each time we met her. We were unfortunate in that we were unsuccessful buying any of the properties she had listed, as they were always presented so beautifully and they were very popular with other potential buyers and they always sold for well above market value! When it came time for us to choose an agent to list our house, Sam was the first person we thought of and the first person we phoned. She immediately made a time to come around to meet us and impressed us by what she could offer us as our agent. The most striking thing we noticed about Sam having only ever come across her in a setting which her personable nature was her standout attribute, was that her professionalism and expertise seemed to be second to none. It was a very easy decision to go with Sam and certainly didn't look back! Her communication was outstanding, she kept us informed of the steps to be taken, the interest in the house and phoned us after each inspection to inform us of how many groups had been through and their level of interest. We have two young children, but Sam ensured that all open homes were at times that suited us best and really took all stress away from us in what is a very challenging experience. When it came time for the real decisions to be made, Sam gave us incredible guidance and really did go above and beyond to ensure the best result for us. Her dedication to her job was evident with working well into the night after we had accepted a pre-auction offer to ensure that all interested parties had the chance to be able to put in an offer if they wanted to. We were super impressed with every aspect of Sam's service and commitment."

Vendor 65 Alma Trc, ratemyagent, 10 Feb 2017

"Sam is highly professional and ethical. She represents the both parties with great consideration and equity. It was a delight to have encountered such an agent."

Buyer 1 Lenore Cres, ratem, 24 Dec 2016

"Sam is very knowledgeable and thorough in her actions. Sam kept us well informed even after sales. We would definitely recommend Sam for real estate needs. Sam it's a pleasure knowing you!"

Buyer 31 Rifle Range Dr, ratemyage, 22 Dec 2016

"From the moment we met Sam, we knew we had chosen the right agent to sell our home. Her very friendly, positive and engaging personality immediately set us at ease and reassured us that we had made the right decision to sell our home at this time. We had very little idea of the market worth of our home. Sam's knowledge of the local real estate market was first rate, and she was able to provide us with a home appraisal that surprised us but which turned out to be spot on. Her eye for detail helped us prepare our home for the photographic session and first inspections. And after the inspection, she always came back to us immediately with a report on the level of interest from those who walked through, and kept us informed of those with strongest interest. There were never any surprises. She would contact us well in advance of building inspections, arranged regular meetings with us to update the campaign, and ensured that all of the necessary paperwork was prepared on time. At the end of our marketing program and prior to auction, she negotiated the sale with super professionalism. We are delighted with the result that Sam achieved for the sale of our home and would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone else wishing to do the same."

Vendor 36 Perry St, ratemyagent, 20 Dec 2016

"We were delighted to find Sam who as an estate agent immediately understood our needs within the market. She came across as professional, approachable, conscientious in addition to being a fountain of knowledge. Sam is obviously an experienced agent who didn't over fuss us and put us in our comfort zone. Her insights were correct and above all, we trusted her judgement instinctively. We are delighted with our property purchase which would not have been finalised without Sam's ability to go the extra mile. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to any of our friends."

Buyer 6/105 Railway Pl, ratemyagen, 20 Dec 2016

Lachlan Hudson

"We have had limited experience with Lachlan, and in that time we have found him to be extremely professional, sincere reliable and will go far beyond any other real estate agent in the rental market. We feel he really looks after us and keeps us in the loop."

Best Regards, Marlon & Cinda, 24 Jan 2017

"I've had the pleasure of dealing with Lachlan for a property my partner and I loved. Lachlan has been courteous, kind and helpful beyond words. His customer service is beyond reproach and I sincerely believe you have a gem on your hands. From the moment of the first inspection, Lachlan was punctual, informative and thorough. He even sent though a similar property which shows he knows the market. I especially appreciated his help and heart in an effort to help us secure a property."

Bridgete, 26 Oct 2016

Kellie Grant

"Just wanted to let you know what a great recruit you have with Kellie. Professional & responsive!"

Regards, Amy, 11 Oct 2016

Raelene MacDonald

"Just a short note to say how much I appreciate Raelene's help today with a number of queries. I know Raelene was balancing a range of responsibilities and nevertheless helped me out with the smoke alarm query and following up with Zac and recommending Scott (your electrician) to me as well. Outstanding service!!! Thanks again Katie and keep up the awesomeness - you and your team/contractors are rocking it!!!"

Landlord Louise, 30 Jun 2017

Casey Thomas

"Hi Katie, I would like to provide you with some quick feedback on your marketing manager Casey Thomas. Our home has gone on the market this week. Casey has been very efficient, communicative and supportive in this process. She has been truly wonderful and made the experience enjoyable and fun. She is a valuable asset to your company. My husband and I have had quite a lot of dealings with real estate agents in the last 10 to 15 years. So far, Williams RE has stood out due to your staff like Sam and Casey, and the cohesive team work. Having worked in large corporations throughout my career, I understand how important it is to have a team working together towards a common goal and compliment each other's skill sets. We look forward to working with Sam and your team for the next few weeks. We are confident that we will achieve a great outcome with your team's help. Thank you."

Kind Regards, Chao, 31 Jul 2015

"Thanks Casey, and thank you for all your support and excellent work in being part of this."

Fiona, 24 Jun 2015


Regards, Peter, 17 Feb 2015