Tanya Bocevski

"Hi Michael & Katie, I just spoke to Tanya about some rental information. I live in Sydney but my in-laws who currently live in South Africa will be moving to Melbourne in the coming months and are going to rent a place quite possibly around the Williamstown North area. I asked Tanya about how everything worked these days as I have not rented a place in a long time. She was very knowledgeable on how it all worked and what we would be required to do and I was very appreciative of her time and patience with my questions. We are all so busy these days and most times don't have the time to reward great customer service when we receive it. I wanted to take the time to shoot you this email to advise what a great employee you have there! Very impressed and will be searching for properties on your website as a first stop for the in-laws."

Scott, 15 Aug 2017