Lachlan Hudson

"Katie and Lachlan would have been the best that we came across in our property search. They were professional and treated us like human. Katie and Lachlan acted in a manor the way house buyers want to be treated. I know others who are looking for property and they all feel that they get taken for a ride by the agents."

Steve, 15 Aug 2017

"Thanks Lachlan, much appreciated. I have to say, I am very happy with the way the property has been handled by Williams. Such a difference from previous real estate."

Gail, 12 Jul 2017

"We have had limited experience with Lachlan, and in that time we have found him to be extremely professional, sincere reliable and will go far beyond any other real estate agent in the rental market. We feel he really looks after us and keeps us in the loop."

Best Regards, Marlon & Cinda, 24 Jan 2017

"I've had the pleasure of dealing with Lachlan for a property my partner and I loved. Lachlan has been courteous, kind and helpful beyond words. His customer service is beyond reproach and I sincerely believe you have a gem on your hands. From the moment of the first inspection, Lachlan was punctual, informative and thorough. He even sent though a similar property which shows he knows the market. I especially appreciated his help and heart in an effort to help us secure a property."

Bridgete, 26 Oct 2016

"I just wanted to drop you a line to say how impressed I was with Lachlan Hudson's work to find us a tenant ... Lachlan did a great job. He was always available, gave us great advice, followed through with all his commitments and found us tenants within the time frame we needed. So yes, I wanted to pass this on to you as I think it's important to give good feedback when it's due."

Melanie, 24 Sep 2016