Jodie Petrusov

"From the first moments of meeting Jodie, I found her to be very passionate, honest & interested in my needs. Jodie is very professional, caring, reliable & so pleasant to deal with. She has excellent communication skills & is always one step ahead, with her positive approach & very real & friendly service. I was referred to Jodie, by a good friend of mine & have never looked back. I'm in great hands & applaud her everything. In my mind, she's the best! I'm so happy she's my managing agent & imagine, she leaves many feeling the same way."

Landlord, Tina, 24 Jun 2020

"I can say Jodie has been fantastic to deal with from the outset. I previously had an agent on the other side of town and it has been so much easier dealing with someone local. But being local isn't Jodie's only virtue. She is efficient, friendly, responsive and helpful. I could ask for no more."

Landlord, Heath, 26 Feb 2020

"During our time at a Williams Real Estate rental property we had a great experience with the Williams RE team. Jodie and Zac were super helpful and attentive as well as timely in responses and taking action on matters. Thanks so much team!"

Google Review - Iona Bullough, 26 Jul 2019

"I think we've been here at our property the better part of 14 years and in that time we've seen a few property managers. We've had no complaints with any of them but Jodie is above and beyond the best we've dealt with. People are always quick to complain and don't give enough credit when a job is being done well, so to that end I'm emailing to praise Jodie's great work."

Michelle, 16 Apr 2019