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Chloe McHugh

Administrative Assistant

What is it about your role at Williams that you most enjoy?

What I enjoy most about my role at Williams is that there is always something new to learn and you are always being challenged.

Being a local Williamstown girl, what is it that you love most about living here?

What I love most about Williamstown is the location. There are not many people that can say they live moments from the beach, minutes from the city, and less than an hour away from countryside. Other than that, the people in Williamstown are always friendly, and it's rare to go out without seeing someone you know.

What are your passions other than the Real Estate World?

My passions would have to be travelling and beauty. I recently came back from four months in Canada and the U.S and have spent some time in Europe; I'm always planning my next trip! If I'm not saving my money to travel, I'm spending it on anything beauty related, as I'm also a qualified Makeup Artist.

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