Presenting Your Property

Your goals when selling your home is to create a sense which make people think they are at home.

To create this ambiance there are a few tips below to help get you started:

  • Front and rear yards, ensure they are tidy, including removal of all weeds, if needed give trees and shrubs a light prune. If you have pets make sure that all of their “business” is picked up
  • Take a look at your doors and windows and especially the front fence. A fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference to a homes overall appearance and first impression
  • Inside the home – make sure everything is clean and tidy
  • De-clutter!! Remove or put away everything that doesn’t need to be there. You want to make rooms feel large and inviting
  • Give your home a vacuum and mop and ensure there is no dust on surfaces
  • If the carpet has seen better days, try getting it steam/dry cleaned. Not only does it help reduce stains and dirt, it also helps the home smell fresher
  • If your bark or stones in the garden beds are looking a little tired, just give them a top up which will renew and freshen the look

For the best chance at getting the best possible price for your home, your home needs to be at its best and when presenting your home it is often the little things that are important. A few small things can make a big difference like the ideas above and it doesn’t necessarily mean spending a fortune on renovations or landscaping.